Because of the prevention from material loss, Cathodic Protection is a sustainable solution. It prolongs the life of the protected object, resulting in less waste and the use of new (raw) materials can be reduced. By monitoring an object, the potential is measured, from this data it is determined whether the current must be adjusted so that the protection is optimal to prevent from corrosion. In addition to the prevention from corrosion, potential measurements provide insight into the required maintenance cycle, unnecessary maintenance can be avoided with which costs and the use of resources can be saved. 


As part of Vandervelde Protection, Anode Supply provides monitoring of cathodic protection. By placing measurement equipment we carry out measurements with which we calculate the potential of an object. On the basis of the measurement data, we check whether an object is subject to corrosion or whether it is sufficiently protected. In addition, Anode Supply provides Remote Monitoring CP systems that read the potentials of an object and can adjust those remotely. This offers a solution for areas that are less accessible and under circumstances where there are highly variable environmental factors such as tides.



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