Protection against corrosion is of vital

importance for steel structures. In addition to the sustainability factor, legislation also sets requirements for the protection of specific objects, such as underground tanks, also standards are in place that guarantee the protection of steel.

A good coating is not sufficient to

protect an object against corrosion, it can damage or age. Are you looking for an affordable and effective solution? Cathodic protection (CP) offers that solution. 

Application of cathodic protection is only

reliable and useful if the operation is checked periodically. In addition to these control measurements for the CP, all kinds of related measurements and inspections are carried out. We have a team of experts and engineers that calculate and design systems for the cathodic protection of steel structures. 


Anode Supply is a part of Vandervelde Protection, a specialist in the field of cathodic protection for over 80 years. Individuals and companies

can contact us for design, delivery, and installation for: external CP of underground pipelines and CP applications offshore.



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