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Finsulate – Anti-Fouling wrap

Finsulate is the revolutionary environment friendly anti-fouling wrap from the Netherlands. The ideal solution against fouling for yachts, pleasure watercraft, and commercial shipping.

Gone are the days that a ship needs an annual copper or other chemical based anti-fouling coating. The Finsulate anti-fouling wrap mimics the surfaces found in the ocean that have naturally evolved to prevent biofouling from attaching to it. Finsulate has undergone many test and has proven to last 5 to 10 years when applied correctly.

Finsulate’s winning facts:

  • works for 5 to 10 years
  • no copper or chemicals used
  • environment friendly
  • increases efficiency due to no fouling
  • light fouling that occurs can be easily brushed off

Anode Supply is the licensed distributor for Finsulate in Italy and the United Kingdom. Contact us for enquiries.

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