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Anode Supply is your go-to supplier for high quality anodes and high service

Our main focus is a happy customer, so we are dedicated to provide top-level service, high quality anodes, fast delivery, and low prices. To do so we source our anodes from the best factories throughout Europe and we maintain a stock of fast-moving standard size aluminium and zinc anodes.

Anode Supply is a division of Vandervelde Protection, a CP-specialist from Zoetermeer in the Netherlands. Vandervelde Protection has been an active player in the field of cathodic protection since 1937, but it’s main focus are impressed current cathodic protection systems (ICCP). Anode Supply’s main focus are sacrificial anodes (SACP) for the maritime, offshore, industrial, and concrete CP industries.

We supply aluminum, zinc and magnesium anodes, and anti-fouling systems. As part of Vandervelde Protection we have in-house knowledge and expertise to make calculated CP-designs for steel and concrete that needs be protected against corrosion.

Do you have a corrosion question or problem that needs to be solved for your ship, jetty, windmill, etc?

Get in touch and we’ll get you what you need.

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Anode Supply is a division of
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